Galilee Christian Tour

Galilee Christian Tour

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Galilee is the northern province of the Holy Land, the country of mountains, forests, and valleys. The beauty of the Galilee is the Sea of ​​Galilee (Kinneret) and the Jordan River. A tour to Galilee not only acquaints tourists with the Christian places of the North but also provides an opportunity to see a significant part of the country, Arab and Jewish cities and villages, nature, fauna, and flora.

The first stop is in Nazareth, where “the word has become flesh.” Here, tourists can see the Church of the Annunciation, the House of the Holy Family, the immaculate conception place, where the archangel Gabriel met the Virgin Mary, the ruins of ancient Nazareth. Tourists will see a beautiful collection of gifts to the Church of the Annunciation, take unique photos.


On the way to the Sea of ​​Galilee, tourists will see an impressive panorama of the mountains of Galilee and Mount Tabor, where Christ transformed. The Sea of ​​Galilee (Kinneret) is located in a valley that is 200 meters below sea level. The world’s oldest civilization of farmers and fishers was born on the shores of the Kinneret. In the city of Capernaum (in Hebrew - Kfar Nahum), Christ lived. Here he walked on terra firma, performed wonders, cured the sick, raised the dead. The first disciples of Christ — Peter, James, John, and Andrew — were local fishermen. From this land, Mary Magdalena came. Tourists will visit the Orthodox Church and the Monastery of the Holy Apostles.

Then, our way lies to the source of the Jordan River from the Sea of Galilee, a traditional place where Christians perform ablution with the waters of the Jordan in memory of the baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist. Tourists and pilgrims will find clean greenish water, an abundance of fish that no one catches, but everyone feeds, as well as otters and birds that are not afraid of people. Those interested can buy baptismal shirts and dive into the waters of Jordan. In this excursion, there is an opportunity to try the famous fish of St. Peter. *

Great Christian shrines, ancient buildings, beautiful nature, which this route will show you will be the key to unforgettable impressions. Orthodox churches and places associated with biblical events mentally bring a person who is in a spiritual quest closer to understanding many aspects related to biblical history. Do not doubt that you will long remember your trip to the Holy Land!