Jerusalem Christian Bethlehem

Jerusalem Christian Bethlehem

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For many believers, Jerusalem is a place that one should visit at least once in his life. Every year, thousands of believers go there to see firsthand the sacred land. For those practicing the Christian religion, we have developed a special tour.

Every believer dreams of visiting Bethlehem, the modern name of which is Beit-Lehem, Golgotha (Calvary), and the Western Wall.

The Church of the Nativity will be the first stop of the tour. The church combines many elements from different cultures, which makes an unforgettable impression on everyone who enters it. Here you will see the miraculous image of the Joyful Virgin Mary, get down to the crypt, in which the Star of Bethlehem and Christ’s creches are located.

After this, the tourists will have to go back to Jerusalem. Upon arrival, the group will first visit the Jaffa Gate or David’s Gate. They are a direct pass to the Old City, as well as the main gate of the Armenian and Christian quarters. Then we will visit the main Christian relics. You will be able to feel the whiff of history on your own by visiting Calvary and seeing the place where Christ was crucified. Next, you will go down to the Stone of the Unction and visit the main temple, which houses the tomb of Jesus. Here you can pray, touch the eternal, and have a little alone time with your thoughts.

Above the tomb, there is the Edicule - a small chapel in which you can find Angel’s aisle. It is a tiny room through which you need to go to see the Holy Sepulcher. Once a year the Holy Fire is lit here and then carried throughout the world. Pilgrims from all over the world dream to get there to light their candles from the sacred fire.

The final part of the excursion will be a visit to the Western Wall, where you can write the most secret desire on a piece of paper and put it in a secluded place. They say that all the wishes that were made on the Western Wall are sure to come true. How real that is, you can see for yourself.

“Jerusalem Christian Bethlehem” is an emotional tour of the holy sites of Israel. Having been here, you will discover an entirely new world, filled with good feelings and strong impressions. You’ll be back home refreshed and start looking at many things in a completely different way.